Our new premium product "Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray" has been included in the three finalists in the Gulfood Innovation Awards competition

About Us


From Epiros with Love

Our Mission

Our mission is to exploit the excellent variety of the Mesokarpos olive, so that via the know-how
we have regarding production and in combination with the appropriate network of associates,
we can create landmark products for our land.

Our Vision

Our vision is the promotion and establishment of the Epirus olive oil both in Greece and abroad.

Our Values

The secret to creating tasty recipes is pure and quality materials, and these are the materials we
wish to provide to your dining table through our product range.

Our experience and work at a professional level but also at a personal level, have shown us that
respecting the person we have opposite us is the key to establishing long lasting relationships
based on trust. Hence, respect to our customers and the high quality of services we provide are
an integral part of our philosophy.

Love for the land that reared us provided us with beautiful moments and tasty memories is the impetus for our endeavours, which aim to offer the opportunity to other people to combine
beautiful moments with tasty and quality food.

Our love and respect toward our environment are a basic facet of our company’s character. For
this reason, all the processes we follow, strictly adhere to all the Greek and European guidelines
regarding the protection of the environment.


Our love and passion for extra virgin olive oil made us envision the establishment of this and similar products both in the markets of Greece and abroad. The Epirus olive oil is a relatively unknown entity but so tasty and of such a great quality, that it is worth introducing to the whole world. It is a commodity produced in pure, pristine land which however has not been introduced to the wider public and this is the main aim of our company.

The olive oil that reared us as regards flavours and matured us as individuals is what we wish to
introduce to the wider public. Our respect for our product and customer are what will make us work tirelessly in order to provide the best possible end result.

-Stavros Pappas


Our Produce

Monitoring our trees

We follow very closely the evolution of the cycle of development of the olive: (germination, blossom, fruiting, fruit ripening) in all the main olive producing zones and we strive to predict early on the zones which will yield the top quality that we expect.

Traditional harvesting

The Mesokarpos Thesprotias variety of olive thrives exclusively in the north of the area. Consequently, the olive oil yield is available in limited qualities and is thus referred to as monovarietal (monopoikiliako). Additionally, due to the height of the trees and the morphology of the ground, olive harvesting is conducted in the traditional way (whipping and workers collecting the olives on the trees).

Correct Storage

Our aim is to highlight the unique, specific features of our monovarietal olive oil, and for this reason, our olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks at a strictly monitored temperature of 18 degrees Celcius, adhering to all the legal specifications, ready for filtering, standardization, and bottling.

Magical Epiros

 The choice of the Mesokarpou Thesprotias variety of olive is not a chance event. It is a variety rich in flavor and nutrients which thrives in the north of the Thesprotia area.
The first appearance of this variety is dated hundreds of years ago as it has been said that it was introduced to the area by Venetian merchants arriving at the northern shores of Epirus. The quantities of this olive oil are limited as it has never been extensively cultivated. It mainly serves the needs of the local population.
Through its range of olive oil, Epirus Bios strives to provide the opportunity to the rest of the world to become acquainted with this truly unique flavor.
Epirus Bios strives to introduce you to one of the many secrets of the Epirus region.