Honey 500ml

Honey 500ml


Honey has been identified as the nectar of the gods.Antheon honey, which is from the mountains of the Epirus region, offers a pleasant variety of light and aromatic flavors.  Besides the unique taste, it is also a medical elixir rich in vitamins, trace elements, and a natural source of energy with antibacterial and tonic properties.

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Νutritional value / Θρεπτική αξία Per/Aνά 100g


Energy/Ενέργεια: 304kcal
Proteins/Πρωτεΐνες: 0,5g
Carbohydrates/Υδατάνθρακες: 75g
Of which Sugars: 75g
Fat/Λιπαρά oξέα: 0g
οf which saturated: 0g
Dietry fibres/Φυτικές ίνες: 0.2g
Salt/Αλάτι: 0.02g

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