Our new premium product "Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray" has been included in the three finalists in the Gulfood Innovation Awards competition

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Epirus Vios is the first Greek company to bottle the olive oil produced by the Mesokarpos
Thesprotia variety of olive, which thrives in the north of the Thesprotia area.

Our extra virgin olive oil gives you the opportunity to discover the wonderful flavour of this
variety, the qualities of which are its intense flavour ( spicy, fruity and bitter) and its thick texture.

This variety of olive oil is available in limited quantities because it does not undergo widespread
cultivation. As a consequence of the height of the trees and the morphology of the land,
harvesting of the olive is done in the traditional way (whipping of the tree and workers collecting
the fruit off the tree).

Our goal is to highlight the uniqueness of our monovarietal olive oil which offers a unique
nutritional treasure with innumerable benefits to one’s health and overall well being ( Vitamin E,
phenolic acids, squalene and sterols).

Our olive oil is stored in stainless steels casks with a tightly regulated temperature of 18
degrees Celcius, according to all regulatory guidelines, ready for filtration, standardisation and
bottling, so that it may reach your table at the best possible quality and flavour we can provide.

Our love and passion for extra virgin olive oil are what drives us to keep improving and offer you
the best our land has to offer. We are constantly monitoring the circle of development of the
olive (germination, blossoming, fruiting and fruit ripening) in all the olive producing zones as we
endeavour to predict early on the olive groves which will provide us with the top quality we